Set your life on fire…

“Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames.” -Rumi

Truly, everybody don’t deserve to be around us. Surround ourselves with people who can lift us higher.Our social circle will get smaller the older we get because we realised we only want to spend our time and energy for people who worth spending time with and energy for.It is all about quality not quantity.


Wisdom of embers…

I love staring at embers. It reminds me of a quote by the late Bruce Lee. “Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.” – Bruce Lee

The ancient Angkors (temples) of Siem Reap Cambodia.

My strong affinity for history and fascination on ancient temples of the world has inspired me to visit Siem Reap Cambodia in September, 2016. Angkor Wat and the other angkors (temples) in Siem Reap in Cambodia were top on my bucket list. So, I finally made it to Cambodia in September 2016.

Angkor Thom.

Ta Phrom is the shooting location for Angelina Jolie’s movie, Tomb Raider. Trees growing over ruins.

The most visited angkor.

The steep staircase leading to top of temple mountain, Ta Keo.

The sky opening of Ta Keo.

What we can learn from Khmer ruins in Angkor, Siem Reap Cambodia is every civilisation has a life span and can become extinct like other great civilisations in the past. King Jayavarman was a Khmer ruler who built something to outlast and outlive himself like pyramids which were built by great civilisations during their golden era in Egypt, Belize,Mexico,Peru and other countries in South America. The same fate had also befallen great ancient civilisations in other countries in Asia like Myanmar and Indonesia.

It is something worths a thought. Probably because the greatness couldn’t stand the test of time. Perhaps their inability to adapt with change and to embrace new ideology had brought the end to their reigns. The demise of the civilisations was clouded in mystery. They just disappeared barely leaving a trace…

Death by chocolate at Angelina…

So, I was told that hot chocolate at Angelina Cafe in city of love, Paris is the best in the world, second to none. A chocolate addict I am, I headed to Angelina at Louvre and Rue De Rivoli to do my food detective work while I was in Paris two years ago.

Angelina’s famous hot chocolate Credit: Pinterest

Angelina is a chic home grown French cafe,founded in 1903 in Paris widely known for its signature hot chocolate and pastries. One trip to Paris isn’t complete without a visit to Angelina for its famous hot chocolate.

You got to try the hot chocolate here.Skip other things but not Angelina especially for serious foodies. Just a sip of its rich, thick and delicious fine quality hot chocolate could feel like a bit taste of heaven it numbs the senses. Lovingly made with the highest quality chocolate it is just so sinful.

The interior of Angelina Cafe at Rue De Rivoli, Paris Credit: Commons

Another occasion, a rendezvous with my best friend at Angelina Cafe, Dubai Mall

Angelina’s signature dessert, Mont Blanc

Heeded the advice, I tried their signature dessert, Mont Blanc but I found it a bit too sweet for my tastebud. I can pass on that next time.

My favourite, eclair au chocolate

Simply love this…chocolate eclair. Packed with all goodness of chocolate, slightly bitter but just right. I would say it is the second item on the menu I like at Angelina after the much revved about hot chocolate.

My verdict? Angelina Cafe speaks for itself. Truly angelic…

I ‘coloured’ his life rainbow..

Rainbow sighting earlier today right before sunset.

Rainbow always brings back a memory of an incident that happened many years ago. A good friend of mine said to me I brought colours into his life by teaching him how to dance salsa.Yes, I dance as a hobby. And a week after telling me that he passed away from cardiac arrest.On Christmas eve..Sigh…Life…

I was deeply saddened by his abrupt passing but knowing I had touched his life even in a simple way which meant a huge thing to him was a consolation. 

It really had put thing in a different perspective that I took time off to re-evaluate my life and its purpose.I came to a realisation that we will be remembered by our legacy, good or bad. The size  and impact of the deed is subject to the value placed on it by the recipient not us. It was just a small gesture on my side but yet it was huge to him and he brought that memory with him when he died…

 May his soul rest in peace and he is happily dancing with angels up there in heaven…

The majestic Serfaus Alpen, Austria.

Serfaus Alpen, Austria is situated near the border of Switzerland and Italy. Well known as part of ‘Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis’ ski resort when it teamed up with Fiss and Ladis in 1999 covering a total area of 430 hectares. Serfaus is a municipality in the district of Landeck in Austrian state of Tyrol.

Majestic view of the slopes and rugged mountains. Credit: Jan Rindschwentner 

The ski resort offers fantastic view of nearby Swiss alps and Italian alps due to its close proximity to Switzerland and Italy. Sharing the border with the two countries,it has been rated as a very popular and preferred skiing destination in Austria and Europe.

View towards Switzerland.

Dreamy landscape of snow-covered, rugged and jagged mountains offers endless silence and stillness, it is very calming and soul-enriching. I can just sit outside there forever admiring the awe-inspiring view.Nevermind the freezing, numbing and bone-chilling temperature. There is something about spirits of the mountains…

View towards Italy.

Austria is just lucky and blessed with beautiful landscape which can be as diverse as it is jaw-dropping and also known for its world class ski slopes. Its scenery inspires exploration at every turn…

I am a WIP- Work In Progress…


I have pledged  to be a better person today than yesterday.

I don’t know everything. Nobody does.

I am just a spec of dust in this whole universe.

I speak less, listen and observe more.

I seek to understand.

I embrace humility. 

I have discovered that detaching myself from worldly materials, surrounding myself with real people and getting closer with nature has heightened my senses.

Wisdom is a sign of maturity gained through life experiences.

I am still learning about everything every single day.Education is a life long process. It starts at home, enhanced in the classroom and strengthened by real life experiences.

-Psychologic philosopher-

Wishing for a dry Christmas…

Rain rain go away…Santa is here drenched on the sleigh… Christmas has always been a wet weather affair here on the equator because of the monsoon season. 

Credit: Halloween Wizard

Good thing Santa is from  Netherland  which snows in December not rainy like now on the equator where I currently am.If not he will be drenched while riding his sleigh pulled by the reindeers delivering gifts… Imagine climbing and scaling down the wet chimney to sneak in in an attempt to avoid being noticed,  covered in soot and drenched. Not a very pretty picture…. 

Lucky Santa, our homes in tropical countries don’t come with chimneys so he is spared from squeezing his squishy belly but he still has to figure his way out to drop in the gifts at midnight while the children are fast asleep..Oh how so magical and whimsical! I love fantasies..fairy tales..

Christmas means wet and rainy days over here accompanied by flood sometimes because of the monsoon season which is running its course now until February next year.The term ‘it rains cats and dogs’ wasnt simply invented for nothing. 

Check out this video. It is how heavy the rain is at my place these few days and it will last until early January as predicted by the weather forecast.

Christmas has a different meaning to different people. To me it’s a year end holiday to wrap up the whole year which has come to an end. It also means quality time with family and close friends gathering over great food,good laugh and wonderful time.

With the advent of fast moving technology soon Santa needs not to ride the sleigh at midnight delivering Christmas gifts anymore. No more animal cruelty either, the reindeers can be spared and in the near future Santa might have to retire altogether.

The drones will take up his place delivering gifts all over the world with the help of Amazon, my wishful thinking…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the readers, the other bloggers and my new friends here on!